A Partnership Forged By a Common Vision

Two woodworkers passionate about their craft decide to bond together to do what they loved and what they did best.

That in a nutshell is the story behind our company, Prowood Designs. Our passion for woodworking has propelled Prowood Designs to be known as a reliable contractor of custom cabinets in Langley, BC.

Our vast experience in the trade helps us achieve excellence in woodworking. While some may consider expanding the business as the demand grows, we settled with our small team primarily because we want to preserve our niche in the market. We believe that the level of quality of our works can be easily maintained with our small staff.

Our lean crew is also able to develop rapport with our clients as they are able to give a close attention to whatever requirements they may have. With that, our team can closely monitor the progress of the work, and we can personally attend to our clients’ concerns as needed.

We dig into our combined experience of 45 years whenever we are faced with projects. Experience has been providential in the success of Prowood Designs. Our previous projects continue to guide our actions as we work on new projects day in and day out. A successful woodworking company should have the wealth of experience to guarantee its high quality of output. We have been fortunate to have such a wealth of experience and as our clients have seen in our work, we put premium into every piece we do.

Our masterpieces are not the cabinets we do in our workshops and assemble in your homes; we seek your stamp of satisfaction in the work we do as the cabinets we do are things you will use for a long time.

So give us a call and let’s talk about putting up useful work of art in your home.